One stop shop e-Commerce logistic solution for U.S sellers
Fregata is committed to supporting your business`s growth.

Fregata Logistic Solution

Fregata Benefits

Fregata will take care of your orders, efficiently and cost-effectively. You don’t need to worry about the delivery, packaging, storage and shipping to the U.S. Our Solution is tailored for Small and Mid Size e-Commerce Companies who want to compete with the big brands with equal terms.

End to End Solution

From manufacturer to your U.S customers hands. We take care of your product every step of the way.

Save Money

No hidden costs and commissions. We cover your e-commerce logistics from start to end in the most cost-effective way.

Stay Competitive

Compete with the big brands in your industry. You deserve the same specialized logistic solutions as the biggest players in your field.

Grow Your Business

Use your resources wisely to continue growing your business. We will take care for all your logistics needs.


We’ll take care of all your global order fulfilment and shipping needs.


from video game consoles
to wearable technology

Homeware Professionals

from fragile homeware
to kitchenware


from haute couture
dresses to hats

Music Lovers

from guitars to trumpers

Auto Professionals

from custom rims to helmets

Arts Enthusiasts

from paintings to ceramics
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