Amazon FBA

Fregata’s facilities give you the opportunity to storage your products in low costs warehouses in the U.S and allocate them to Amazon FBA or any other marketplace or local stores as needed.

Amazon fulfillment shipping is a key part of many e-commerce companies’ strategies. Amazon FBA shipping requires speed, accuracy and total visibility to ensure compliance with Amazon’s shifting business rules. Count on Fregata to meet your Amazon FBA U.S shipment commitments consistently and effectively.

We know Amazon’s terms of service and packing & shipping guidelines by heart, and keep up with changes in real time. We’ll make sure that your order is packed, labelled and shipped as required to be accepted by Amazon.

All included Amazon FBA services

Air freight

Sea freight


Logistic Planning

Product Inspection

Short and long Term
Storage in Our Warehouses

Tracking & Delivery


Custom Clearance

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