eCommerce Operating System

Our software takes care of your goods from picking it up from any where in the world to ship in a top DTC warehouses all around the U.S.

Finally, international ecommerce logistics made easy.


A Modern Solution for DTC warehouses

Fregata lets you take advantage of our easy to use software, advance logistical solutions, and fulfillment distribution centers around the U.S.

Our solution is tailored especially to meet your ecommerce business’ needs.

International Shipment to the U.S.

We evaluate all your shipping needs and offer you the most cost-effective solutions.

Storage your Goods

With automated robotics and advanced storage across the U.S., we offer the most efficient and reliable fulfillment.

Deliver to your Customers

We’ll deliver orders straight to your customers in the most efficient way



Simple. Easy. Competitive.

Fregata gives you an accurate online quote and covers all your logistics needs from your manufacturer all the way to your U.S client’s hands.


You can use our low cost U.S warehouses to manage your marketplace’s fulfillment at any time. Save money and allocate products as needed to your best sellers.

We Integrate with all Ecommerce Platforms


Return Policy

End-customers are initiating more returns than ever, making a well-defined reverse logistics strategy critical. Let us help you set up an efficient and cost-effective reverse logistic solution. Our national wide warehouses process returns, handle configuration and offer value added services to ensure your returned products are managed efficiently. Our solution also automates and optimizes each return shipment to minimize shipping costs.


About Us

You need a partner you know you can rely on, even in tough times. At Fregata, we’re extremely proud of the team we’ve assembled. Just as Frigatebirds use their impressive wingspan to soar continuously, we strive to keep our company soaring and growing every day. We’d love to hear from you! We’re looking for smart, passionate, talented people who are just as excited about revolutionizing the logistics & shipping industry as we are. If you want to help ecommerce business owners thrive, drop us a message.


We Are Here For You

Are you an eCommerce business owner or an e-seller looking for a straightforward solution for your ecommerce order fulfilment in the U.S? We’ve got you covered. We’ll streamline your order process and make you and your customers happy, while you go ahead and focus on your business.

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